Pre-licence check: part IV

August 7, 2010

In which I do a practice forced landing, fly some nice circuits and am cleared to book in for my test.

Mission Report


Where to from here?

July 28, 2010

Now that I’m close to obtaining my RA-Aus Pilot Certificate (at least, I think/hope I am!), I’ve been giving some thought to where I intend to progress to next in my flying training.

One option is to continue with RA-Aus and obtain a cross country (XC) endorsement, enabling me to fly around Australia in RA-Aus registered aircraft.

However, even since I began flying I’ve intended to move onto my PPL after I complete the RA-Aus training. So instead of doing navs in RA-Aus, obtaining the XC endorsement, then doing the conversion to PPL, I’ve decided to move to GA for my navs and get my PPL which (I think – I must check this sometime) will automatically give me the XC endorsement on my RA-Aus certificate.

Having decided that, I’ve been setting things rolling for beginning my GA training.

On Monday I completed the paperwork for the Student Pilot Licence and posted it off to CASA – hopefully in the next few weeks (it could take up to or over 6 weeks apparantly, but I’m hoping I’m lucky) I’ll receive my SPL and ASIC card. I also applied for an ARN which will hopefully be sent out to me soon and I can arrange to get a class 2 medical certificate from a DAME (aviation medical examiner).

I also had a chat to the CFI on Monday about my goals for PPL. I have set myself a time goal, but I’m not telling you in case I don’t meet it! Apparantly it might be a little optimistic but I pointed out that after exams in mid-October I’ll be able to fly practically every day, which should help things along a bit. I’m also planning to fly with some other instructors, to get more experience with different instructors – right now the plan is to probably fly with K and JL – although that isn’t certain yet, I’m not making any bookings or anything until I’ve completed my RA-Aus certificate (logically).

The other major change is that I’ll be switching over to a new aircraft – a Piper Warrior. These are low wing GA aircraft, a fair amount larger than the Jab! They’re also supposedly easier to fly than the Jab (well, anything seems to be really). So the first few hours of my PPL training will be conversion training onto the Warrior – going through basic handling and then first solo and first area solo etc. Hopefully that part won’t take too long, but either way it’ll be fun to move onto a new aircraft. Then it’ll be onto navs!

I also intend to get my passenger (PAX) endorsement for my RA-Aus certificate at some point, but I’m trying to decide between doing the last 2.7 solo in the Jab at the same time as starting the Warrior conversion, or waiting until I do some solo time on the Warrior and counting that for the 2.7. I’ll probably end up doing it in the Jab simply so that I can get it sooner.

So overall I’m very excited about it all – it feels a bit like a clean slate – not skills wise (hopefully!) – but new plane, new instructors and new challenges. And once I get my PPL, there’s lots of interesting endorsements to do! 🙂

Pre-licence check: part III

July 24, 2010

In which I fly badly.

Mission Report

RA-Aus Board Election

July 18, 2010

I’m running for election to the RA-Aus Board as Victorian Representative.

Rather than putting my name on here (still trying for some anonymity), I’m just going to say that out of the two candidates, only one has a female name, and that’s me.

If elected to the RA-Aus Board I will bring a new perspective, the perspective of a younger member. RA-Aus is a constantly evolving organisation and it is up to the Board to lead that evolution and represent the changing needs and views of the members. Part of this evolution is recruiting and supporting younger members and it is important that the Board reflect this. However, it is equally important to not neglect the experience and wisdom of the older members. A mix of wisdom and youthful enthusiasm working together on the Board will benefit every member of RA-Aus.

I am in my final year of an Arts/Law degree and believe that the skills I have obtained from these degrees will aid me to effectively represent the members of RA-Aus.

The purpose of an elected representative is to represent the views of the members. A Board where the representatives act only for themselves causes nothing but harm to the organisation that they claim to represent. The Board should represent the views of the members and work together for the future of the organisation and, if elected, I intend to do so.

We all share a passion for aviation. I intend to support that passion by representing the wishes of the members as a Board member and by raising awareness of RA-Aus in the wider community, to encourage the growth and evolution of this organisation. We all fly for fun and I intend to work to keep that as the central focus of RA-Aus.

Pre-licence check: part II

July 11, 2010

In which I learn how to start the Jab in cold weather, manage to do half my pre-licence check and fight with the throttle.

Mission Report

Pre-licence check: part I

July 4, 2010

So, the plan for today was to do my pre-licence check. Unfortunately the weather gods didn’t comply and instead gave me clouds and fog (sigh).

Anyways, we didn’t get to do the practical part but did do the theory part of the check. Basically I was asked a series of questions about things like the privileges/limitations of the RA-Aus certificate, knowledge about the Jab and how I’d deal with certain scenarios in the air.

Overall it seems I would’ve passed the theory part, which is good. The flying part had to be postponed until next week, but hopefully next Saturday the weather will be kind! 😛

I feel like I’m so close to actually doing the test, it’s rather disappointing to have it affected by weather. Ah well, I guess that’s what I get for getting to this point in the middle of winter!

Steep turns & Circuits

July 2, 2010

In which I do some solo flying to build up PIC time, dodge some rain and do some rather nice landings

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