Total Time: 74.3 hours

GA Time
Total Time: 9.2 hours

Dual: 7.9 hours

Solo: 1.3

Instrument: 1.6

RA Time
Total time: 65.1 hours

Dual: 53.9 hours

Solo: 11.2 hours

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GA Aircraft flown:
Cessna 172

Piper Warrior

RA Aircraft flown:
Jabiru J160

Skyfox Gazelle

Evektor SportStar


7 Responses to Logbook

  1. Jack says:

    Hello There!
    Was just wondering how much your flight lessons are per hour and how much your TIF was?


  2. darksarcasm503 says:

    Hey Jack,
    My TIF was $140 and my lessons are something like $190-$200 an hour (cheaper on weekdays).
    Hope this helps!
    – Darky

  3. Jack says:

    Just found out that my TIF will cost $122.50 for 30 TIF. and one hour lesson for $255.00. I guess its cheaper for RAaus which i think your doing..

  4. darksarcasm503 says:

    Yeah RA-Aus is cheaper I think (the planes are smaller!)

    It’s all worth the money though 😀

  5. cameron93 says:

    Wow, my TIF was free, and my hourly lesson is $135 dual and $118 solo. although it is a gazelle that i fly after all…

  6. Jack says:

    Hey Cameron,
    My Aero Club Used To Have A Gazelle, They Have Apparently Co-Leased It. Wish They Still Had It At Those Prices, Well I Guess Depends On The Club/School. The Prices Above Were For A Cessna.. Although The Eurofox Is Not Much Cheaper (TIF 30 Mins $118.50.. and One Hour Dual $237).

  7. John L says:

    35 hours of dual instruction and only 3 hours of solo suggests that someone is taking you for a ride, literally. You are not the only one that gets way behind the drag curve when it comes to excessive dual hours compared to solo hours flown. It is all too common nowadays and could be for various reasons. You need to ensure your instructors are themselves closely supervised by their CFI as undue dual hours may mean either you are not progressing as quickly as you should depending on your rate of flights – or the instructor is hour building for himself at your expense. Ensure you ask your CFI to fly with you occasionally. If you have had multiple inexperienced grade three instructors during your dual periods then that costs you money.
    You are the customer – don’t forget that. Remember the saying: Buyer Beware..

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