April 16, 2011

Fear not, brave readers, I’m not dead, despite the fact I haven’t posted much in the past few months.

In November 2011, I did most of my nav training, flying pretty much every day. It was a fair learning curve, to try and learn how to navigate using nothing but a map, compass and watch!  I also learnt how to operate in controlled airspace, navving to Moorabbin and Essendon every nav.

Well, today it came to an end and I obtained my PPL. I’m now licenced to fly all around Australia and in CTA. I still can’t believe it’s happened!

I’m very excited about all the possibilities this opens, both in places I can fly to, and the endorsements I can now get. I have to admit I’m slightly disappointed my navs are over though, I really enjoyed the nav training, I’d say it’s definitely been the best part of my flying training so far. I’ve got lots of good memories of this training.

Still, onwards and upwards!


RA-Aus Certificate Flight Test

August 9, 2010

In which I hang around at the airport for the afternoon, act as ballast in a TravelAir without a headset and do my RA-Aus Certificate flight test.

Mission Report

First Area Solo

May 1, 2010

In which I’m let loose in the training area by myself for the first time, practice various things with varying results and play a game of ‘find the airfield’

Mission Report

First Solo

January 16, 2010

In which I head off solo for the first time, discover that I laugh when I’m about to crash and nearly bend the plane.

Mission Report

Trial Instructional Flight

May 22, 2009

In which I meet my Instructor, climb into a light aircraft for the first time, have a stab at controlling an aircraft and become addicted to flying.

Mission Report