Bucket List

A “bucket list” is a list of things that you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’. Now, while I have no intention of dying anytime soon, I am discovering that there’s a growing list of experiences in aviation that I want to have before I die. So, I figured I’d put them down here then cross them off as I complete them. Some are mundane, some are more off the wall, all of them will be an exciting experience to have.

Fly an aircraft solo

Get RA-Aus Certificate

Fly inverted

Get XC endorsement

Get PAX endorsement

Try aerobatics

– Get a tailwheel endorsement

– Get endorsed on  a Tiger Moth

– Fly in a warbird

Get  a PPL

– Get a CPL

– Get an aerobatics endorsement

– Fly in an aerobatics competition

– See the Red Bull Air Race live

– Fly a helicopter

– Fly a gyrocopter

– Fly a trike

Experience weightlessness

– Own an aircraft

Visit Boeing factory

Visit Airbus factory

– Circumnavigate Australia by light aircraft

Fly over Antarctica

– Fly over Ayers Rock


4 Responses to Bucket List

  1. Tim says:

    You could cross a few of those on in one hit! Aerobatic’s would get a few, and when you get your RA-Aus license, that’ll cross a few more off!
    Trust me, the list just keep on growing 😛

  2. Darky says:

    I was actually looking into Tiger Moth aeros flights to cross off a few of those all in one hit 😛

  3. Daryl Pilbeam says:

    Hi Darky, i love you bucket list.Dazza 38

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