Pre-licence check: part I

So, the plan for today was to do my pre-licence check. Unfortunately the weather gods didn’t comply and instead gave me clouds and fog (sigh).

Anyways, we didn’t get to do the practical part but did do the theory part of the check. Basically I was asked a series of questions about things like the privileges/limitations of the RA-Aus certificate, knowledge about the Jab and how I’d deal with certain scenarios in the air.

Overall it seems I would’ve passed the theory part, which is good. The flying part had to be postponed until next week, but hopefully next Saturday the weather will be kind! 😛

I feel like I’m so close to actually doing the test, it’s rather disappointing to have it affected by weather. Ah well, I guess that’s what I get for getting to this point in the middle of winter!


5 Responses to Pre-licence check: part I

  1. GraemeK says:

    At least you’re nearly there Darky – well done!

    Actually, I flew on Sunday, first time in over three months – had to hang around for a couple of hours for the cloud to clear (and even then the first few circuits were at 600ft just under the cloud) but in the end stayed up there circuit bashing for 2 hours.

    • Darky says:

      I’m SO close, it’s so frustrating, and the weather doesn’t look too promising for this weekend either!

      You’ve flown with Kerry haven’t you? Any tips? 😛

      Good to hear that you went for a fly 🙂 My problem is that we need the height to do stalls etc, so we just have to wait for the weather gods to be kind I guess (sigh)

  2. GraemeK says:

    Done a lot of flying with Kerry – he’s a nice bloke.

    He will be looking for accuracy in things like heading, altitude and speed (make sure you trim properly). He’ll also look for use of rudder to keep things in balance.

    Also will look for smooth control inputs and small but early control inputs to adjust glidepath on final.

    Might also pull the CB on the flaps so when you go for them on base they won’t be there! Also might unlock his door if you’re not looking – caught me out once on my downwind checks (I had fallen into the trap of doing “hatches and harnesses SECURE” by rote instead of looking – a good lesson for me).

  3. Darky says:

    It won’t bother me if he does pull the CB on the flaps, I like flapless landings 😛

    Good to know about the door thing, I think I’m slightly like you were, doing a vague check but kind of assuming that they won’t be messing around with their seatbelt/door.

    First I just need to finish this pre-licence check…the weather doesn’t look too promising for this weekend though, I think the weather gods hate me 😦

    What are you up to now Graeme? Still on circuits? I find I actually kind of like circuits, I think I like the challenge of doing (or trying to do) a good landing…or perhaps I’m just strange 😛

    • GraemeK says:

      Yep – still on circuits, been O/S on holiday for a while, hence a long break from flying. Trying to get as many lessons as possible – next is 4pm Sunday, so hoping for good weather!!

      Agree with you on circuits, don’t mind them actually.

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