Forced Landings III

In which I attempt more forced landings, forget half the checks and make a very blunt pax brief.


The plan for today’s mission was to continue working on forced landings, basically consolidating what we’d done last lesson.

I preflighted 4964, taxiied us to 18 and did the takeoff. We climbed to 3000ft and headed to the strip we’d used last lesson.

There was a southerly wind today unlike previous times I’ve worked on forced landings when there’d been a northerly wind. This meant that we’d be flying around the strip and landing in the opposite direction, which changed the 1000ft point and the appearance of the strip and the surrounding area.

J offered to do another demo one but I decided that I could remember it so decided to have a crack at it. That turned out to be a bad move since, once I started, I found that the different perspective was rather disconcerting which put me off slightly. Demonstrated well how easy it is to forget the checks in the heat of the moment. J took pity on me and went through them again, and emphasised again that the most important thing to do is fly the aircraft – don’t let worrying about the checks cause you to forget about actually flying the aircraft.

The next time I was (slighly) more on top of things and remembered all the checks etc myself. Personally I thought that I’d judged it fairly badly but J said that I’d actually judged it fairly well, so that was rather nice to hear.

We had time to try it once more. At this point I was like “I think I need a new engine!” 😛 This one was the most successful of the mission, I also had time to fit in a pax brief this time. My brief wasn’t exactly that polite to my pax, it was basically “sit down, shut up,  put your seatbelt on and let me fly” – but as J said afterwards, you’re allowed to say whatever you need to to make the pax comply with your instructions and leave you alone to fly the aircraft. I’d prefer to say something short and sharp like that than dither around trying to be polite.

After the third one it was time to head back to the field. I made an inbound call after asking J to remind me what to say – clearly my brain wasn’t entirely on top of things today! As we were heading back J pointed out some other traffic then said that if I saw other traffic I should say so, I was just like “Well, for sure, but you always see it first” 😛 Apparantly the Air Force did some experiments to see what colour made aircraft most visible and the answer was day-glo orange…unfortunately it seems that this research hasn’t made it over to civil aircraft!

We rejoined the circuit on crosswind and I elected to do a flapless landing. It definitely wasn’t my best approach, we ended up sinking before the displaced threshold and I added some power to counteract that, and we landed with a bit more of a thump than I intended. Ah well.

Next mission (tomorrow hopefully) we’re going to continue working on forced landings, this time moving around the training area and introducing field selection (which should be…interesting).


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