Lesson Cancelled

For the first time in a while, today’s mission was cancelled due to weather.

I can’t say I’m too pleased, partly just because I want to fly, and partly because I’m vaguely hoping to solo before the end of the year and this brings my currently booked hours before then down to 8, which makes soloing that much more unlikely.

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I’m thinking of seeing if J has any times free on Sundays between now and the end of the year so I can increase my booked hours and hopefully solo before the end of 2009…


7 Responses to Lesson Cancelled

  1. Jack says:

    Damn, that sucks !
    very weird weather lately :S

  2. GraemeK says:

    Bit surprised – weather didn’t look all that bad and wind seemed OK – maybe turbulence?

    The other day I caught up with my old instructor (I saw his Tecnam landing at YLIL, so wandered over to say hello). He now runs his own flying school at YBDG – he assured me that the weather there is good most days, so I’ll head over there at some stage to get a few extra hours in, always wanted to try out his Tecnam (nice aircraft, all steam gauges and CS prop).

  3. Darky says:

    Probably turbulence…or perhaps just general ‘we could fly in this weather but you don’t have enough experience yet so you’d be spending $200 to learn nothing’ weather 😛

  4. GraemeK says:

    Hmmm – my attitude has always been I’m happy to spend $200 to learn nothing – just as long as I’m flying!!!

    Maybe that’s why I’ve spent so many hours out in the training area when it was too rough for circuits …..

  5. Darky says:

    I dunno, I assume that there was a good reason and I trust my FI’s judgement so meh, too late now anyway 🙂

  6. GraemeK says:

    “I trust my FI’s judgement”

    Absolutely! At this stage, my life depends on it. And I’m lucky enough to have an instructor I have absolute faith in – my couple of times with Jeremy I also felt extremely comfortable.

    A couple of times my instructor was discussing with the other instructors whether or not we should do circuits because of the conditions. I said straight off “If you even have to ask that question, then I reckon we’ll give it a miss”.

    Bit like go-arounds – my instructor always says if you find yourself even starting to think about going around you should do it straight away.

  7. Darky says:

    Exactly. At this stage, my knowledge of meteorology is absolutely nil. So I’m not exactly going to argue with an experienced assessment that the weather is not good for me to fly in.

    “And I’m lucky enough to have an instructor I have absolute faith in”

    I totally agree. I think if I didn’t, then I’d change instructors straight away. We’re putting overselves into a situation where we can easily kill ourselves if we’re not careful, so you have to be absolutely sure that you can rely on the person next to you. 🙂

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