LightSpeed Zulu Review

In which I review my new LightSpeed Zulu headset.


Last week I received my new LightSpeed Zulu headset (see LightSpeed Zulu Unboxing) and today I got the chance to try it out.

The first thing I noticed after putting it on was the volume of the headset. I had the volume set about 3/4 up, but moved it down to about 1/2. I definitely wouldn’t want it set to full volume.

I also noticed clarity of the intercom and radio calls. Everything sounded extremely different to how it sounded with the passive sets. It was much easier to understand the incoming radio calls and also to hear J. I could also hear myself far better than I usually do and I didn’t have the usual worry that the mic wouldn’t pick up me speaking (although that might also be the fact that I didn’t mind having it closer to my mouth because I knew there hadn’t been other people coughing/sneezing/puking on it). It made it far easier to concentrate during the lesson as well.

As I was taxiing I thought there might be an issue with the engine since it sounded different. I then realised that it sounded different because of my new headset! I’m used to really hearing the engine and while I could still hear it, it was definitely a lot less which made it sound different.

I found the headset extremely comfortable to wear. By the end of lessons I usually have a slight headache but today at times I could hardly feel the headset on my head! I found it so much easier to concentrate during the lesson because of this difference. It will be interesting to see how comfortable it is after wearing it constantly for a few hours when doing navs.

Overall, so far I’d say that the LightSpeed Zulu is an excellent buy. The ANR works well, communications are clear and I found it extremely comfortable to wear. As I said to J, it’s the best $1000 I’ve spent in a while!


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