Weather Woes

In which I rant about the weather.


Have I mentioned lately how much I REALLY hate the weather?

As you may have guessed, I was meant to fly this morning and didn’t. So after dragging myself out of bed at 6:45am this morning (on a Saturday!) for my 8:30am lesson, I got the dreaded call – “The weather is too bad to fly today because of X so we’ll just have to wait until the next mission”. I’m not saying this isn’t the right choice and I’m not saying that I want to fly in bad weather, it’s still disappointing. Especially this week where I was booked in for 2 missions and couldn’t fly either of them.

I know that part of doing an outdoor activity like flying is the fact that it is dependent upon the weather, I realised that when I started. I also realise now that starting at the end of Autumn/start of Winter might possibly have been a bad choice…but then again, I’ve gotten lots of basic stuff out of the way so when summer (finally) comes and there’s hopefully good weather I can start really heading towards my licence and hopefully get my licence and start navs by the end of summer. That’s my goal anyway.

This weekend, though, I’m now left to spend the two days studying with nothing fun like flying to break the monotony which is rather depressing. Perhaps a few more of my theory pages will get filled as I try to avoid this studying! Studying flying is definitely more interesting than studying law…

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6 Responses to Weather Woes

  1. So how come you don’t consider a career change to aviation if you find flying so much more interesting than law? 😛

    • darksarcasm503 says:

      Do you get that restless feeling when you can’t fly and you spend all your time staring out the window at the sky? I’m like that right now, I haven’t been off the ground since 22/08, that’s nearly a month! I feel really restless about everything and I think that’s going to last until I fly next….really didn’t realise flying would be THIS addictive when I started, I seem to be getting withdrawal symptoms 😛

      • Zurtri says:

        Yes I do indeed get restless.

        After each flight, I’m on a high. By the afternoon I’m ready to go up again.

        The rest of week I’m pretty much counting down the days.

        Definitely the highlight of my week.

  2. darksarcasm503 says:

    That’s exactly how I am, I’m glad it’s not just me!

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