Flying Goals

I thought I’d list my short- and long-term flying goals to give me some perspective of where I am and where I’m heading.

1. Go Solo

This is clearly going to happen at some point (I hope!). I’m hoping it will happen in the next few months but the way things are going trying to co-ordinate my free time around uni and finding times that fit with when J’s free (he’s suddenly become extremely busy which is unfortunate) it might take a little longer. I want to solo before Christmas at least.

2. Pass BAK exam

I intend to do the GA BAK rather than the RA-Aus BAK so then if I decide to get a GA licence as well, I won’t have the resit the exam.

3. Get my RA-Aus certificate

This is meant to be possible after 20 hours. I intend to get my PAX endorsement at the same time which requires an extra 5 hours of solo flying (10 hours total). I think the extra 5 hours won’t be too hard to knock off though and it seems pointless to get the licence and not get the endorsement at the same time.

4. Get Cross Country endorsement

I intend to start the X-Country training straight after I get my certificate. This requires a certain number of hours of both dual and solo x-country flying. This endorsement is roughly the RA-Aus equivalent of the PPL.

5. Have a trial aerobatics flight

I am interested in aerobatics since it looks like lots of fun from down here. However, I realise that it might not feel so fun up there (!) so I’d like to have a trial flight before booking in for lessons.

6. Get GA PPL + a few ratings

I am mainly interested in getting a PPL as well mainly if I want to get an aerobatic rating (which isn’t possible under RA-Aus) but I’m also interested to be able to fly over the city (in controlled airspace) which I think would be absolutely amazing. It would also make it possible to carry more than one passenger at a time which would be handy.

7. If still enthusastic about learning, not broke and not too busy, get a CPL.

Some people might say that I’ve only got 6 hours flying so far so what am I doing planning so far ahead but I think it’s better to have long-term plans which give me direction than to just wander along aimlessly. It also gives me lots of stuff to be excited about!


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