Handy Glossary for Certain Readers

A few of my friends have been complaining that my blog is too long and too detailed. Well, as the blog’s primary purpose is my education, the detail is going to stay. However, I’m going to make a small glossary of terms I’ve been using to make it easier…here we go.

This, give or take a bit, is what I see. This is the instrument panel.

These are some of the main crontrols:

This is the Control Column (aka ‘the stick’). The red thing behind it is the brake.

This is the Throttle. Pushing it in increases the power, pulling it out decreases the power.

These are some of the main instruments:

This is the turn indicator. The goal is to keep the ball between the two lines. When the ball is between the lines, the aircraft is in balance.

This is the tacheometer. It is used to measure Power (in rpm). Normal cruise power is 3000rpm, Fast cruise is 3200rpm and Slow cruise is 2400rpm.

This is the Altimeter. It is used to measure altitude (height) above sea level (in feet). At Lilydale, it needs to be preset to 250ft as Lilydale is already 250ft above sea level.

This is the Airspeed indicator. It is, unsurprisingly, used to measure airspeed (in knots). The white area (80kts and under) is where flaps can safely be used.

Some other terms:

Roll: Also known as Bank. This is when the aircraft rolls/tilts to the side. This is controlled by the Ailerons.

Pitch: This is controlled by the Elevator. It is the angle of the nose of the plane.

Yaw: The turn of the nose to the side. The secondary effect of Ailerons is yaw.

I may add some more terms if I think of them. Hopefully this helps some people!


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